When it comes to NBA news, Twitter is the hub for it. Fans and players alike, learn all of the biggest bombshells on the platform, but Patrick Beverley isn't happy about players learning news through Twitter.

Beverley joined Scott Van Pelt to discuss the lack of communication between the players and the NBA.

“Communication," Beverley said. "That’s it. It’s just sad that we gotta hear about things happening in our workplace via Twitter. It’s good, it’s entertaining, it’s fun, but we just want more communication."

It's been noted that most players hear about trades through Twitter. At this point, they don't consider trades official unless Adrian Wojnarowski tweets about it. Trades are one thing though, the future of the NBA is another. Players need to know if they're going back to work, if they're training at home for a reason. That's the point Patrick Beverley is trying to make. 

"Let us know, don’t just string us along," Beverley said. "If the NBA is starting, if the NBA is finished, just let us know. I challenge the NBA. We put blood, sweat, and tears for this league. We feel like there should be a certain amount of respect that we should be knowing what’s going on."

Beverley's gripe is a fair one. Players legitimately need to know about the future of their livelihood. It shouldn't just go to the highest bidding story. As it looks, it seems an NBA return is imminent in July. The exact details of who will be allowed isn't set in stone, but a return is nigh.

"I just feel like someone knows something," Beverley said. "I just feel like, whatever the answer is, regardless of how people take, we just wanna know can we hoop. That’s it."