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Patrick Beverley says NBA is excited to 'be a pioneer in today's change'

The NBA is trying to help change the country, and doing a good job of it.

The NBA is transforming their arenas into polling places, and Patrick Beverley couldn't be prouder.

One of the most unexpected parts of 2020 is how the NBA has been at the forefront of change. When the country shut down, basketball was the catalyst of it. Now, the NBA wants to be the catalyst in galvanizing voters. 

Even though this decision seemed to happen overnight, it was far more work than anyone could imagine. Key NBA figures had to take part in a giant meeting, and players needed to legitimately use their voices. It was a rare occasion that only happens in a moment of dire crisis.

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"It's hard to kind of get so many NBA guys in one room together," Beverley said. "I think it was a funny analogy, like man, you probably have some of the wealthiest African-Americans in one room in the country together, and when you get in one room and you get to talk, just like you believe in certain things I might not believe in and vice versa and everyone here, and it's good dialogue, good conversations which led to action, and we were able to get that action. I think Doc was there kind of leading the forefront of that, and we're excited."

If there's one positive thing to come out of how awful 2020 has been, it would have to be how successfully the NBA has used their platform for good. They're making sure change is coming, and in the best way possible.