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Patrick Beverley Reveals Truth of Kawhi Leonard's Hilarious Personality

Kawhi Leonard actually is a fun guy.

There are very few people on the planet that know Kawhi Leonard better than Patrick Beverley. The two played together for two seasons but still text each other frequently about working out. The former Clipper revealed some details on just how fun the "Fun Guy" is on an episode of the Pat Bev Podcast.

"You would fu**ing love him," Beverley said. "He calls it exactly how it is. He doesn't like to talk much because people would gauge any little thing he says and make it real big, so he just choose not to talk. That motherfu**er does talk, he talk a little too much too."

Beverley even told a little more, that Kawhi is actually the one telling the jokes himself. The Fun Guy is the instigator, making sure everyone is laughing

"He's the one telling the jokes," Beverley said. "He's the type of guy you go 'cheers Kawhi champagne', he goes 'there you go my boy, drinking on that devil's juice.'" 

It's hard to believe that the general public would ever see this side of Kawhi Leonard. He does such a good job of making himself invisible, that unless someone was secretly recording, this side would just never get exposed. These types of stories about The Klaw will exist only through word of mouth, and they'll always be hilarious.

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