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Anyone who thought Patrick Beverley's celebration after Minnesota's play-in victory over the Clippers indicated any real disdain for his former team, simply hasn't followed Pat Bev close enough. While there were certainly some heightened emotions having just eliminated the team who traded him, Beverley's love for the Clippers has outshined his heat of competition shots that followed the play-in.

Beverley's most recent comments on the Clippers came during another ESPN segment, where he was asked to compare the Clippers and the Lakers, as both teams look to reestablish themselves next season, following their postseason absence this year. Beverley's answer, which should come as a surprise to no one, contained optimism surrounding the Clippers, and uncertainty surrounding the Lakers.

"I like the Clippers. I like the Clippers a lot," Beverley said. "I don't know about the Lakers... Coaching, we don't know who their coach is - so the dynamic of them I don't know yet." Beverley finished his answer with more praise for his former team, saying, "I like the Clippers. I like what they did with Norman Powell, they did with Rob Covington, able to keep Reggie Jackson, able to keep Luke Kennard, Marcus Morris."

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While Patrick Beverley is no longer with the Clippers, the admiration and respect is mutual between both sides. Some of that became clouded by Beverley's postgame excitement following the play-in; however, the former Clipper is back to showing love to his old team.

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