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Paul George has spoken numerous times about suffering depression in the NBA bubble, but he provided an even more depth interview with Serge Ibaka.

George joined Ibaka on his cooking show 'How Hungry Are You?' where they discussed various topics, including his lack of sleep NBA bubble. 

"A lot of it was just weighing on me," George said. "For one, I wasn't sleeping. I don't know what it was... It was probably, no lie, I probably went a good week and a half to two weeks of zero sleep, zero sleep. No lie. I would lay in bed and my mind would just be racing, racing, racing. I tried everything bro, I tried using apps, I tried therapy, sleeping gummies... they don't know this."

It was one thing not being able to sleep in the bubble, but it was another if George had a bad game. There was no way to escape the world of basketball, and anxiety just continued to creep in.

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"You put that on top of having a bad game, then you're not sleeping," George said. "Then there ain't nothing else to do there, so you're surrounded by basketball, there's no escape, there's no outlet. We're stuck in our rooms in the hotel, all we got is our phones, you get on social media, oh it's a meme here or it's a joke there. You mix all of that on top of not sleeping, I didn't know what to do. I was just lost, bro. It was tough."

The NBA world is currently waiting on the results of Paul George's elbow MRI that will be revealed tomorrow. If he's cleared, there's a great chance fans will see him return this season.

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