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The LA Clippers are officially out of the playoffs.

This season truly felt like a special year for them, with a special type of resilience, and a special type of chemistry. Unfortunately, not many teams win an NBA Championship when their best player averaging 30 points gets injured. Paul George kept the Clippers afloat as best as he could, keeping them at a 4-4 record during Kawhi Leonard's absence.

"We fought all year," Paul George said. "Very proud of my guys, what we had to overcome throughout the year. We had injuries throughout the season. Obviously injuries in the postseason. We found a way to fight through. We found a way to keep going, keep playing. We just had each other's backs all year. One of the greatest locker rooms I've been a part of."

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The Clippers somehow figured out a way to push the Phoenix Suns to six games without Kawhi Leonard and Serge Ibaka, and with three of the losses being decided at the buzzer. It'll be a "what if?" to the NBA world about what would happen if Kawhi Leonard was playing, and it's the same for Paul George.

"We'd be going on," George said. "This series would be a lot different. Talk about one of the best players in the league being out, yet we were inches away from getting to the next round. So definitely it's a "what if" on this. Fact of the matter is we didn't do enough to win, and that's the reason we're going home."

Being an NBA Champion requires both luck and skill. Unfortunately for the Clippers, they weren't lucky this year. By the same token, neither was nearly any other team. Every team remaining in the Conference Finals was missing their best player, except for the Phoenix Suns.