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The LA Clippers and Minnesota Timberwolves are set to have an epic showdown on Tuesday's play-in tournament. It's very easy to write the narrative as Patrick Beverley vs the Clippers, but that's something Paul George refuses to do.

"I'm not going through Pat," Paul George said. "We're going through the T-Wolves. This is not a Paul George vs Pat Beverley match. This is not a Pat Bev vs Clippers matchup... I'm not even going to make that the narrative."

These two teams have played each other four times this season, but it was very early on in the year. It's tough to say either the Clippers or Wolves are the same team they were when they were first faced off, especially the Wolves. Paul George believes both teams are very well versed with each other.

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"We know them well," Paul George said. "They know us well. It'll be a tough game going into Minnesota."

Both teams are arguably playing their best basketball of the season, so it's going to be very difficult to say how the game is going to go. One thing is for sure though, the Timberwolves are going to be incredibly fired up for this game. They have the home-court advantage, are playing with a ton of tenacity, and have a chip on their shoulder to finally get back in the playoffs again.

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