The Clippers made every proper play to win Game 2 against the Phoenix Suns down the stretch. After two clutch shots by Paul George, a clutch block by Ivica Zubac, and a clutch deflection by Patrick Beverley, it all came down to Paul George making two free throws - he didn't.

Paul George scored 10 points on 5 shots in the fourth quarter, but unfortunately, none of it will be remembered. The only thing that will likely be remembered from Paul George's performance in Game 2 is him missing two free throws in a row when the Clippers were up 1 point with 8 seconds left. It was only the second time all season that Paul George missed two free throws in a row. There was nothing he could do but own up to missing the shots.

"I'm always confident at the free-throw line," Paul George said. "I've always been successful in clutch moments at the free-throw line. Tonight I was just unsuccessful at extending the lead. I'm not going to put too much on that."

The Clippers still had a chance to win the game even after George unbelievably missed both free throws in a row. Somehow, someway, the Phoenix Suns managed to successfully get a tip-in dunk with 0.9 seconds left remaining in the game. It was a play the most expected, that Suns coach Monty Williams called, and the Clippers, unfortunately, didn't stop it.

Being down 2-0 is nothing new for the Clippers in these playoffs. They've only done it every single round of the playoffs. Things will be a little different this time though as the Suns will be getting back Chris Paul, and the Clippers may not be getting Kawhi Leonard back. Regardless, the Clippers remain confident in their chances.

"We lost two at home to start our postseason," Paul George said. "We could have been down then. Game 3 we were down on the road. We just found a way. And this makes it no different. We have to find a way to fight our way back into the series."

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