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The fashion world lost Virgil Abloh today, and his influence inspired many NBA athletes. Paul George gave some time after the Clippers faced the Warriors to share some high praise towards the late icon.

"A pioneer for our generation, the young generation," Paul George said. "He just created a wave of young African Americans, young men, and women of color, to bridge the gap. Especially with something as big as Nike and the fashion world. He was just one of a kind and definitely opened up the doors for a lot of up-and-coming designers. He deserves his flowers. It's unfortunate."

Very few sports leagues have seen a development towards fashion the way the NBA has. Players try to dress their best in a combination of streetwear and professional wear every pre and post-game. It's not just about suits, it's about fashion personalities. The fashion in the NBA has progressed so much that there are league-fits Instagram accounts and hundreds of social media accounts dedicated to what players wear. So much of that new wave of influence can be credited to Virgil Abloh.

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The best impact one can have on life is by impacting the lives of others in a positive way, NBA players will continue to push their fashion boundaries and honor the spirit of Virgil Abloh.

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