Kawhi Leonard may not be playing in the playoffs, but he's talking to his teammates every day. 

Critics are spending far too much time analyzing Kawhi Leonard watching Game 3 in a suite, when he goes into the locker room during every half time to talk with his team. Leonard isn't completely disappeared from the team, he talks to them during halftime, postgame, pregame, texts frequently, and facetimes them.

"Yeah, we talk after every game," Paul George said. "The two games in Phoenix, I reached out to him. He'll text me after the game plan. We'll talk. We'll go over what we see and what we saw that night. And so he's very much a part of this team without being able to play right now."

In regards to Paul George specifically, Kawhi Leonard gives him second-half adjustment tips during halftime; different types of ways to attack the game going into the second half.

He's just giving me his perspective on the attention that I'm having on the court," George said. "A lot of it was the guys are doing this, they are doing that, when you drive, they are -- he was just telling me rotations, what to look for, what's open, what's available. You know, it gave me a good game plan going into the second half for what to look for."

Kawhi Leonard isn't isolating himself from teammates. He's still in the locker room numerous times a game, texts his teammates daily, and remains involved with the team.

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