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Paul George, much like most of the NBA world, was not happy with the league's initial handling of Robert Sarver. George spoke his mind on the situation during the Clippers' media day.

"Not as well as they could," George said. "I think it should have been from jump that he -- it's more than a year suspension. You talk about the situation here, we've been fortunate to change ownership. But I think the way they addressed that, obviously there was a lot more harsher comments and things being said with the situation here, but I just think regardless of how little or how much he said, there's just no room in our league, in this world for that matter. You know, people will say, you guys get paid this amount of money and you guys get this. But that still doesn't mean that we're not affected by that. This was coming from a person that you ultimately are playing for and won titles for."

The biggest issue that George continusouly mentioned during his press conference was that the league should have been much harder on Sarver from the initial sentencing. For George, that's the biggest issue in how the NBA handled the situation.

"That should have been a big -- I think it was just a slap on the wrist initially," George said. The league should have came down for sure much harder. I think we're fighting now to push that out. But I think from jump, it should have been a no stance on that type of ownership from the jump."

While the NBA may not have handled the initial sentencing of Robert Sarver properly, it seems like the situation has ultimately corrected itself with him stepping down.

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