The Clippers finally escaped the Dallas Mavericks after Game 7, and it was a huge learning experience for the team. Paul George believes the series made the Clippers more prepared for the playoffs than they previously were.

"Great team win," George said. "We showed great resilience. They pushed us. They definitely got us war-ready. It's a great team we played, unbelievable superstar in Luka. They pushed us."

This was a series where the Clippers absolutely had to dig down deep. They were down in a 0-2 hole on the road, and down 2-3 hole on the road. There was only one blowout game, and both teams had to play a full 48 minutes.

"Just playing a full game, George said. "That's really what it came down to. This team forced us to play a full 48-minute game on a nightly basis."

The last time the Clippers faced the Dallas Mavericks on a Sunday afternoon they lost by 50 points. It was only fitting that the team had to eliminate them months later on a Sunday afternoon game. It was an incredibly short turnaround, where both teams had to play an afternoon game in Los Angeles in less than 48 hours from playing in Dallas. Despite that, there are no excuses from Paul George.

"Everybody has something going on," George said. So I just try to get into a mindset to perform and keep this season alive. At this point, it's just all in."

The Clippers have less than 48 hours to get ready again and face the Utah Jazz on Tuesday.

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