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Kawhi Leonard doesn't go out that often. It's very rare for him to make a public appearance anywhere, let alone get spotted during the off-season. That's why it was so shocking to see him on a Chinese cooking show this off-season.

In what may be the most unexpected moment of the off-season, Kawhi Leonard made a rare public appearance on a Chinese cooking show, where he's cooking food himself.

Joining Kawhi Leonard was also a rare public appearance by Uncle Dennis. The show was hosted by ESPN reporter Coral Lu. She's also known for being the reporter that famously got Kawhi Leonard to say "ni hao" in a postgame interview.

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Kawhi Leonard is quite possibly the most enigmatic player in the NBA. You can never quite tell what he's going to say, or what he's going to do in a situation. 95% of the time you can expect Kawhi to give a very serious answer that won't reveal anything interesting. However, that other 5% of the time, he somehow manages to give a hilarious one-liner that finds its way branded on a t-shirt. He's truly one of the hardest players in the NBA to predict.

The biggest thing that matters for Kawhi Leonard though is predicting how available he'll be on the court for the LA Clippers next season. As reported by Law Murray, there's some real expectation that Kawhi Leonard will play in some preseason games for the Clippers.

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