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Patrick Beverley faced the LA Clippers as an opponent on Saturday night for the first time since being traded by the franchise this offseason. Pat Bev got love from the fans, broadcasters, and his former teammates; however, nobody showed more love than Reggie Jackson.

During his on-court postgame interview following the Clippers' win over Minnesota, Reggie stopped to make sure the crowd acknowledged Beverley one more time before he left the building. He said several times in that interview that he wanted to make sure Pat was acknowledged and appreciated.

Reggie elaborated on those feelings during his postgame press conference in a several-minute answer about what Patrick Beverley meant specifically to him and the Clippers organization. When asked about what Beverley means to the Clippers, Reggie said "He’s everything. It’s tough not having him. It was tough when the trade happened. He was our heartbeat… going from Lob City to that new group, he was the guy that held them down."

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Reggie also said that while Beverley is no longer with the team, his spirit lives on. Pointing to the team's resilience, Reggie added that the culture Beverley instilled in Los Angeles is still very prevalent even with him gone. "He will forever be a Clipper," Jackson said.

Reggie also shared what Beverley meant to him personally, stating that Pat Bev is a big reason why he is still in the league right now. Reggie said he thanks Beverley each time he sees him for having such a big impact on his career. While the two are no longer teammates, there is undoubtedly still a ton of love between them.

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