Reggie Jackson played basketball in Paul George's backyard during Quarantine

Farbod Esnaashari

Reggie Jackson was traded to the LA Clippers on February 20th. Within 19 days, the world was turned upside down from COVID-19, and basketball was postponed. 

It was so short notice, that Jackson was still living in a hotel room - he stayed in that hotel room throughout the entire quarantine. Despite practice facilities being closed, some players had the opportunity to play basketball at their houses, Jackson did not. 

"Fortunately enough the hotel I was in, nobody was allowed to be on the floors under me," Jackson said. "I found myself dribbling at times, knowing I didn't have other people occupying rooms near me. Shooting was difficult."

Due to the nature of his situation, Jackson had to rely on unique measures. He had to rely on one of his best friends, Paul George. George had a second home in LA that contained a basketball court, so Jackson would play in the unused home.

"I had a teammate in Paul George who had a second home in L.A. that apparently he's just not at," Jackson said. "I would bother him about going up there and just being able to at times shoot on an outside court. That was kind of my way of working on basketball. Of course, it's not regulation or anything, but just to keep my sanity. Those have been kind of my workouts."

According to the rules on paper, NBA players weren't allowed to engage in basketball activities during quarantine. As everyone seems to know by now, there's no way that every player followed that rule. There are rumors about teams playing in secret mansions, playing with each other at their houses, and other conspiracies we still haven't even heard of.

When the season ends, there will certainly be some interesting stories about how players played basketball during quarantine.