Reggie Miller on Clippers Collapse: 'You can’t tell me it was all about chemistry'

Farbod Esnaashari

The Clippers blamed their epic collapse on a lack of chemistry, but NBA legend Reggie Miller doesn't buy that excuse.

Everyone is trying to figure out how the Clippers choked against the Denver Nuggets. The team was winning by an average of 15 points in Games 5-7, and looked dominant in every single first half. Yet somehow, someway, they kept finding ways to lose the game in the same exact way. The Clippers blamed a lack of chemistry.

It's completely true that the Clippers didn't have much time together all season due to injury, and the NBA hiatus didn't help at all. Regardless, the Denver Nuggets had multiple players missing at the start of the bubble, and could have complained about the same excuses. That's why Reggie Miller doesn't care for the Clippers' excuses, and why he voiced his opinion on the Dan Patrick Show.

"You can’t tell me it was all about chemistry," Miller said. "Their cross-town rival has a brand-new coach in Frank Vogel. They’ve got, what, 6-7 new players as well? Avery Bradley is not even in the bubble? … So everyone’s dealing with chemistry in the restart."

Miller wasn't done voicing his opinion towards the Clippers after the Dan Patrick Show. In a conference call with NBA reporters, Miller again reiterated that the chemistry excuse was bogus.

"They overlooked the Nuggets after being up 3-1," Miller said. "Now all of a sudden, everyone is coming out and saying there were chemistry problems. Why didn’t we know about any of these chemistry problems before? All of a sudden when you’re leaving the bubble, there are chemistry problems now. Come on, man. Stop it. The better team won that series.”

While many may disagree with what Reggie Miller says an analyst, he's completely right here. The Clippers spent all season stating there were no chemistry issues, and openly addressed it interviews. The moment the season was over, they immediately cited chemistry issues as the reason why they lost. They have to look themselves in the mirror and accept that Doc Rivers didn't adjust, and that the whole team flat out choked.