The Clippers are in the second round of the playoffs, while the Lakers were eliminated in the first round, and Laker fans aren't happy about it.

Horry was on an episode of "The Big Podcast with Shaq" where he was asked about potentially rooting for the Clippers during the playoffs. Not only did Horry give an emphatic "Hell no" he also said that the franchise doesn't belong in Staples Center.

"The only reason I would root for the Clippers is because of Ty Lue," Horry said. "You know, Ty Lue won a championship with us in L.A. but that’s the only reason. But you cannot have the Clippers try to put up a damn banner in Staples Center. They don’t belong in Staples. They can get up out of here with a hurry.” 

The rivalry between the Clippers and Lakers is a very interesting one. Some Lakers' pundits claim that it can't be a true rivalry because the two teams have never faced each other in the playoffs, which is true, but at the same time those same pundits negatively speak about the Clippers at pretty much every chance they can get. It's the rivalry that doesn't matter, but somehow gets talked about more than any other team in the NBA. 

The Lakers and Clippers never facing each other in the playoffs within the last two years is one of the biggest robberies in the NBA. Fans wanted to see it, players wanted to see it, but it just ultimately hasn't happened yet. The Clippers have a chance to make history this year, but they have to overcome their current 2-1 deficit against the Utah Jazz.

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