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Serge Ibaka is getting closer and closer to finally returning to play. 

Ty Lue mentioned in practice on October 16 that Serge Ibaka has officially progressed to full 5-on-5 practice. On October 12, Ibaka was cleared for 3-on-3 practice. So it's been a solid progression for Ibaka in the last week.

Despite the improvement, it would be wise not to expect to play on opening night against the Golden State Warriors. Ibaka has already stated that he doesn't expect to be ready on opening night against the Warriors.

Serge Ibaka knows he has unfinished business with the LA Clippers - he said as much during media day. He's a bit of an unfair run with the team, with a mysterious injury that ended up being nerve damage and cost him over half of the season. Ibaka had his lowest scoring year since the 2011-12 NBA season, and it's very probable that it was due to his back injury.

There were high expectations when he signed last season, with GMs calling him the "Steal of the Off-season." Hopefully, this year, if his health allows, Ibaka can be that steal that the Clippers needed.

Even if Ibaka isn't going to be ready for opening night, seeing him progress to full 5-on-5 is a great sign for Clippers fans. One that hopefully means he'll be ready by November.

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