Paul George is one of the most scrutinized and polarizing players in the NBA, and Shaq tried to give some thought to why that keeps happening.

When Paul George emerged as a superstar on the Indiana Pacers and nearly dethroned LeBron's Miami Heat, there was a very high expectation on him. Fans thought he could potentially be that next superstar. People are often looking for that "next Michael Jordan" or "next LeBron James", and that's what often results in analysts having an extra level of criticism.

"Started his greatness off playing against you [D-Wade] versus Miami," Shaq said. "We saw Paul George emerge and said 'okay, you're in this category now.' Then he kind of disappeared for a while and then just hovered at being regular. Then, when you expect him to do something when he went to OKC, five or six games in a row in the fourth quarter he didn't even score a point. So now you're saying 'Playoff P, I don't think so.'"

Despite the blunt analysis, Shaq still believes in Paul George. He's spoken positively of him numerous times this season and wants him to succeed.

There's one path to redemption for Paul George, and that's an NBA Championship. It would be the first for him and the first in franchise history for the LA Clippers.

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