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As of April 1, limited fans will be returning to outdoor arenas like Dodgers Stadium. When it comes to Staples Center though, fans will have to wait a little bit longer.

Sources revealed to AllClippers that Staples Center is hoping to have limited fans "a few months from now, in time for the playoffs."

There are no confirmed dates, but that is the general hope among those working for the arena. The ability to have those fans depends entirely on state and county rules, but with the way things are trending, there is real optimism about having fans in time for the playoffs. 

As of right now, California in the purple tier, which restricts any fans from being in outdoor arenas. On April 1, California is expected to move into the red tier, which allows for fans in places like Disneyland and Dodgers Stadium.

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President Biden announced that he expects there to be enough vaccines to treat all adults by the end of May; the regular season would end around May 16, so that gives the perfect timeline. If things trend the way that they are currently are, there should be no reason why limited fans can't safely enter Staples Center. However, the biggest hiccup in all of this could be the introduction of COVID-19 variants. If there is a rampant surge of the Brazilian or South African variants in America, that could change everything.

The Lakers assembled the best team they've had in decades, the Clippers have assembled the best they've ever had in history, and the one thing missing has been the fans. Hopefully, with all things considered, everyone could experience their favorite teams come the most important time of the basketball year.