As Thursday night’s Clippers-Warriors matchup became more and more of a blowout, Golden State star Stephen Curry was fed up.

In what has now become a viral clip, Curry was visibly frustrated with his teammates during a timeout. Curry is generally known as one of the more calm and collected players in the league, but clearly even he has his limits.

During his postgame interview, Curry gave insight into his mindset during the outburst.

"It's always about what's happening in the moment,” Curry said. “That's just basketball. Trying to bring competitiveness and leadership in different types of ways."

Curry’s frustration is understandable, particularly given the amount of success he’s experienced in the past six years (minus last year, when he only played five games). When you win three championships surrounded by teammates like Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, hovering around .500 for a season could get a rise out of anyone.

Despite the drop in talent, the Warriors still have reason to be optimistic. They’re firmly in the playoff race with a 20-19 record (they picked up a huge win against the league-leading Utah Jazz on Sunday), and players like Kelly Oubre Jr. have been trending upwards after slow starts to the season. It also doesn’t hurt that Curry still looks like his MVP self after missing essentially a whole season with a hand injury.

At the very least, it seems extremely likely that the Warriors will make the play-in tournament. With Curry as their engine, they have the ability to beat anyone on a given night. Hopefully, Curry’s teammates heard his message loud and clear. 

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