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The NBA season is just about to close, but that isn't stopping NBA analysts from making their takes for next season already. One person in particular who came in hot was Stephen A Smith.

Smith made a lengthy statement claiming the LA Clippers as the best team in Los Angeles, while also having some very harsh words for the Los Angeles Lakers.

"The Los Angeles Clippers are the best team in LA," Smith said. "A lot of people believe they're going to be the best team in west because Kawhi and Paul George are going to be healthy. And you look at their crew with the exceptional coaching of Ty Lue, excuse me, the Lakers got work to do just to be relevant against them."

The Clippers have had a very successful regular-season record against the Lakers, most recently sweeping them in the 2021-22 NBA season and winning seven straight games against them. It gave Stephen A. Smith all the ammunition he needed to throw down some heat.

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"We know what they've done to the Lakers in the last 40 meetings or so right," Smith said. "They beat them about 32 times in the last 39 meetings. Beat them about seven straight. It's not even a damn rivalry. The Los Angeles Lakers are fair-weathered stepchildren to the Los Angeles Clippers... In the last 39 meetings, they've won 32 times, what the hell is that?"

Neither the Clippers nor the Lakers made it to the playoffs this season due to a plethora of unfortunate injuries, with both of them hoping to have some better luck next season. With that said, fans can best believe that this will be bulletin board material for the Lakers.

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