Steve Ballmer is holding Town-Hall Sessions with Employees

Steve Ballmer is giving employees a chance to voice their concerns with the community.
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More than ever, CEOs need to listen to their employees. Owners need to hear the concerns of their players, their employees, and take legitimate action. That's what Steve Ballmer is doing for the LA Clippers.

According to Andrew Greif of the LA Times, Steve Ballmer has been holding town-hall sessions with employees to hear concerns and create plans for action.

It's a fantastic effort, one where players are given even more of a voice. They're being encouraged to identify causes that support Los Angeles, and their hometown. Throughout this time of civil unrest, African Americans have looked for more than just a statement from CEOs. The community is looking for action, for financial backing, and sincerity. That's why Amir Coffey commends Steve Ballmer for his actions.

The murder of George Floyd is something that resonates deeply with every single NBA player, and every American in the world. It's something that NBA players could see themselves go through, and that's why it strikes so close to home. For those reasons exactly, this period is a very critical moment in the owner-player relationship.

NBA owners need to make sure they're available to players beyond the business relationship, especially with the income of the 2020 NBA season hanging in the balance. These times could be viewed as a make-or-break moment in whether owners truly appreciate their players. What Steve Ballmer is doing, is a blueprint that many other owners should be following right now. 

Perhaps the biggest silver lining in this entire situation is an opportunity for more communication. The communication required to understand people even more as human beings, and to ultimately make the world a greater place.