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The LA Clippers know they have a special group set to take the floor next season. Even if the team stays as currently constructed, and doesn't make any drastic moves, many have the Clippers atop a short list of title favorites. Chairman Steve Ballmer shares this same optimism, and spoke on his prediction for next year's team.

"I think the sky is the limit for our team," Ballmer said. "It'll be our effort, our energy. Of course, you got to have a little good luck to win the Larry O'Brien Trophy, which is what we really like."

While Ballmer understands how much needs to go right in order to win a championship, he rightfully believes the Clippers have the roster to make it happen. Just one season removed from their first Western Conference Finals appearance in franchise history, the Clippers have made significant strides towards their ultimate goal since acquiring Kawhi Leonard and Paul George three years ago.

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"Come on, man," Ballmer said when asked about getting Kawhi Leonard back. "[Kawhi is] not only your best player, but one of the preeminent, handful of top players in the world. I am really excited about that. Kawhi's in the gym, he's working, and we got our fingers crossed everything keeps going on schedule."

Finishing his statement on next year's Clippers team, Ballmer said, "I think if we stay healthy next year, we are going to be having a chance to talk way late into the [postseason]. How's that?"

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