Steve Ballmer wants White Americans to "Be An Ally" and help break down Racism

Steve Ballmer knows the battle to break down racism needs to be fought by more than one race.

Racism can't be one race's battle. In the effort to stand up for what's right, the battle resides on all of humanity. That's something Clippers owner Steve Ballmer knows, and strongly believes in.

In an interview with CBS Los Angeles, Steve Ballmer urged the white community to help break down racism.

“My number one message to any white people at this stage is, there’s an invitation that is clear now and a call to action, which is to try to be an ally of these causes,” Ballmer said. “That’s the issue. How do you be an ally of breaking down racism and the legacies that come all the way back from slavery? What do you do?”

The issue of race has always struck an emotional chord with the NBA. For the past decade, players have used their platform to speak up on the matter, and make sure a voice is heard. For a white owner to take up the same cause, surely speaks volumes for the players.

It's not just any owner either, it's Steve Ballmer. One of the richest men in the world, currently worth $66 billion. That's the type of ally to let the black community know they have someone who could legitimately support them. One that can quite actually put his money where his mouth is.

The battle to eliminate racism may never end in our lifetime. It's a battle that will span generations, as parents teach it to their youth. What's not okay though, is allowing it to be okay. Someone should always speak up, at any time, no matter what race. It's not a "your" problem, it's an "our" problem.