Ty Lue Admits George and Leonard Are Secretly Excited to Face the Nets

The duo understands Tuesday's matchup isn't just another regular-season game.

LA Clippers Head Coach Tyronn Lue admitted during his pregame press conference that his stars, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, were secretly excited to face off against the new-look Brooklyn Nets.

There’s a lot to be excited about. The Nets recently added former MVP James Harden to a squad that already had former MVP Kevin Durant and All-Star Kyrie Irving. There are so many narratives and rivalries that can be traced between these five stars, and to have all of them on the floor at once is going to be a treat for any basketball fan.

It’s refreshing to hear that George and Leonard are motivated for the matchup. Players like to shrug off narratives like these, particularly in the regular season, but it’s clear to anyone that this Nets team is something to behold, and it would be silly to think that this game would mean the same amount to them as, say, their Sunday matchup with the New York Knicks.

The Clippers stars must understand that if they’re lucky enough to make it out of the West, this Nets team could be waiting for them in the Finals. Tuesday night’s game could give both teams an insight into their potential opponent’s tendencies.