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Damian Lillard has really struggled against the LA Clippers for the past two seasons. In fact, he's never beaten the Kawhi Leonard & Paul George Clippers once. It's hard to say how the Clippers have shut down Lillard over the years, but Ty Lue gave some insight on how they did it during this most recent 30-point blowout.

"We just try to blitz him, keep the ball out of his hands as much as possible," Ty Lue said. "We know he's a dangerous scorer, he can get going at any time. We all know that and the world knows that... I thought our team defense did a good job."

Here were Lillard's numbers against the Clippers on Monday night:

12 points, 3 assists, 3 assists, 4/15 FGs, and 0/8 from three.

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It was legitimately surreal to see the Clippers win a game by 30 when their two best players combined for 12/36, but somehow their defense got the job done. Lillard had some easy looks that didn't just fall, but for the most part, he was guarded well. Lillard only had 4 shots at the rim, because the Clippers kept him blitzed on the outside. The end result was 3/4 at the rim and 0/8 from deep.

The Clippers face the Blazers in only four days on Friday. It's hard to believe Damian Lillard will perform that poorly again, because he's due for a very big game. LA needs to be prepared for a potential Lillard storm, similar to what Steph Curry did.

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