Ty Lue speaks on becoming Clippers head coach

Farbod Esnaashari

The LA Clippers officially announced the signing of Tyronn Lue as head coach today.

In a press release sent out by the Clippers, both Ty Lue and Lawrence Frank spoke about the new coaching position. 

“Ty has been where we want to go," Frank said. "He is a championship head coach with an extraordinary feel for the game and the people who play it. He’s one of the great minds in our league, and he’s able to impart his vision to others, because he connects with everybody he meets."

While the Clippers interviewed numerous head coaching candidates like Mike Brown, it seemed like Ty Lue was always going to be their man. He was a coach that the players were already familiar with, and a coach that already knows what to expect.

"We conducted a thorough search and spoke with fantastic candidates," Frank said. "We found that the best choice for our team was already in our building. As head coach, Ty will put a unique imprint on the organization, and drive us to new heights."

Lue himself believes this familiarity is something that made him want to join the Clippers. While some may believe the Clippers need a complete rehaul, Lue doesn't believe so.

“The pieces we need are in place – committed ownership, smart management, and elite talent, on and off the court, in the NBA’s best market,” Lue said. “My familiarity with the organization, particularly Mr. Ballmer and Lawrence, confirmed this is where I want to be."

The head coaching spot of the LA Clippers will be the hottest seat in the NBA. Even though analysts aren't overwhelmingly picking them to win the NBA Championship, there's more pressure than ever on the team. It's the definition of a championship or bust season for the Clippers. Tyronn Lue is ready for the challenge.