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The LA Clippers are poised to be very deep next season. With Robert Covington re-signing, they're set to have a plethora of wings to choose from - one of the deepest wing rosters in the NBA. But what does Covington re-signing mean?

Covington's return gives the Clippers some more flexibility in their small-ball lineups. They can use him at the five to spread the floor, as they did during the NBA play-in tournament. He won't necessarily make a backup center like Isaiah Hartenstein expendable, as they've played together throughout the regular season, but he allows for more versatile small-ball lineups.

One person it may make expendable though is Marcus Morris. Covington may not be as great of a scorer as Morris, but he's a much better rebounder and defender, and could possibly take his minutes. There were already rumors of Marcus Morris getting shopped this season, which Morris himself even liked on Twitter. Covington re-signing raises the biggest question mark for Marcus Morris.

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If there's one thing the Clippers showed that they needed more of last season, it's better rebounding. That's one thing that Covington can do very well, which is scrap on the glass for rebounds. The team could still choose to get a little more athletic, but it's also hard to tell what their rebounding ceiling is when they're missing two of their best small ball rebounders in Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Simply put, Robert Covington re-signing with the LA Clippers is a very good thing for the team.

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