Coach Taylor Jenkins Suns Pre-Game

Anthony Sain

The Grizzlies currently lead the league in pace and Coach Taylor Jenkins is not surprised.  He credits his team keeping it as a point of emphasis going back to him pushing the fast pace initiative in training camp.  He commented about Jonas Valanciunas recovery as well and how he feels like increased minutes by JV shouldn't slow down the pace due to Valanciunas' dedication to playing within the team's style of play.

Jenkins would also like to see Kyle Anderson involved in the pick and roll more as a ball-handler and not just a screener.  He believes that Kyle's unique style of play is beneficial to the team on and off the ball with his quirky "Slo-Mo" moves attacking the basket and his ability to offensive rebound and create off of the dribble.

Jenkins would also praise his team for how they responding early to his call for more consistency and attention to detail.  Although this year's Grizz team is very young, Coach Jenkins is impressed by how his team has competed so far and is confident that it will turn into victories in the long run.