The Memphis Grizzlies Get Back On The Right Track With Win Over The Detroit Pistons

Anthony Sain

The Memphis Grizzlies entered Friday night's contest against the Detroit Pistons on the wrong side of a two-game losing streak. Behind Jaren Jackson Jr.'s 29 point outburst and Dillon Brooks resurgent 27 point performances, the Grizzlies were able to rediscover their winning formula on their trip to the Motor City.

The Grizzlies would lead by as many as 15 points in the first quarter before surrendering the lead to the Pistons in the second quarter.  The teams would remain close after the Grizzlies maintained the lead in the second half before the Grizzlies closed the game on a 20-7 run to close the game after a tie score at 105-105.

Memphis Head Coach Taylor Jenkins would comment on how his team was able to maintain in spite of the Pistons' multiple efforts to control the game.

“Yeah, I mean obviously we had a double-digit lead, I think we were up 15 (points) at one point in the first half, 12 (points) in the second (half)," Jenkins said on his team's win. "They went on a run -  credit to their defense. We couldn't get to the point where we were playing with force on the offensive end. They were switching, they got long bigs down there making it tough to finish. They got out and started hitting some threes. They were getting comfortable with the mid-range. Those are shots you don't want to give up but with (Derrick) Rose having a night, (Reggie) Jackson was hitting some shots early, so we started blitzing and getting our energy going."

"We were fouling a lot, giving up offensive rebounds," Jenkins would add. "So being able to get the ball in their hands, get some stops, get out and run, got us the lead back at halftime. It's a lot of credit to our guys to come in. [We had] Two tough ones the last two games, but a bounce-back win to win the third [and] fourth quarter, with all the runs that the Pistons had in the third and fourth quarters, [there was] a lot of resiliency, so I'm really proud of the guys.”


Dillon Brooks would comment on his team's "next-man-up" approach and what it was like to get a win after two tough losses.

“It's great. We all came in with different waves, Jaren (Jackson Jr.) had his role, and I played well, and you know then Ja (Morant) came and finished it," said Brooks. "He had 16 points with 11 assists. We need to do that every game, set up guys and we're just a great team, next-man-up type of mentality. We don't get mad when shots are off, we're just here for the team and one success.”

“It's big-time," Brooks would add. "It was two tough ones, we got down big and we came back. We handled business. We played defense, ran and that’s how our offense was. Our defense transitioned to our offense.”


Jaren Jackson Jr. would speak on his team's effort and how he hopes that they can build on their team-first effort going forward.

“It's a great feeling, especially doing it on the road," said Jackson. "They're a team that plays well at home so they're going to get the crowd involved. And for us to come out and throw the first punch, it was good, and we finished the game strong.”

“That's how it is every game.," Jackson would add on the Grizzlies teamwork.  "Everybody's going to go in and making an impact whatever way they can. Play to their strengths and that's when we are at our best when everybody's doing what they're good at, playing with force and playing together.”


The Grizzlies (21-24) will now prepare to take on the Phoenix Suns (19-26) Sunday at home.