Potential Dates May Now Be In Place For The NBA's Return

Anthony Sain

Yesterday information and rumblings began to swirl that pointed to the NBA possibly having a framework in place to set a timeline for how they plan on resuming and executing a return to the court this year. More now than ever, the NBA seems poised and set to return.

There has been no official word from Commissioner Adam Silver, but all signs are pointing towards his announcement being merely a formality at this point. Earlier this week, Disney World in Orlando. Florida emerged as the most likely campus for the NBA players to quarantine and play their games.

There was also a plethora of tweets that went out speculating tentative return dates as well as a possible five-game regular season before the playoff begins. This belief was brought to the forefront by Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie who tweeted in response to information that was provided by John Geiger, stating that the league would return on June 21st.

Additional dates were released by Keith Smart that included the playoffs, but not the five regular-season games like Dinwiddie included. With so many moving parts, it's unclear if Dinwiddie's tweet was based on something unofficial, or the league is still debating on having any type of "warm-up games" or regular-season games to sure up playoff standings.

Information also came out about the NBA's extensive plan for consistent testing for players and personnel. The league appears to be headed towards resuming the season with the hardest part now being the most critical step - the execution.

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