Trae Young Discusses Luka, Ben Simmons, Knicks, & Media

'Ice Trae' had some fiery takes today.

Today JJ Redick dropped the latest episode of his podcast titled The Old Man and the Three. Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young was the guest, and he did not disappoint. Despite recording it on Wednesday night, Redick's team was able to put out the complete episode in less than 48 hours. Below are ten highlights from the 50-minute interview.

Shoutout to JJ Redick and Tommy Altar for another incredible episode of The Old Man and the Three. They covered a lot more than what is in this article. Young talked about his shooting style, respect for Darius Garland, and thoughts on the modern media. You can listen to the podcast anywhere and watch the full video on The Old Man and the Three YouTube page.

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