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We are in the dog days of the NBA off-season. The NBA Draft and Free Agency are in the rearview mirror, and training camp doesn't start for another three weeks. It's an opportune time to take stock of which teams and players are enjoying the most profitable summer breaks.

Besides the players on the Atlanta Hawks roster who secured the bag in recent weeks, veteran forward Solomon Hill might be having the best off-season. Hill did handle his business by re-signing with the Hawks on a 1-year deal. Not bad after joining the team last year on a non-guaranteed contract before eventually being guaranteed in January.

Since taking care of business, Hill has undoubtedly been working on his craft. But his candor and lifestyle are what's setting him apart from his contemporaries.

Gems like these on Twitter are priceless, like a lunch meeting with JAY-Z. The defensive stopper hasn't stopped at giving life advice; he's giving fans a view into his vacation in Italy. It appears he is taking full advantage of knowing Danilo Gallinari in his Galo's homeland.

All jokes aside, Hill played a huge role for the Hawks last season. The veteran buoyed the young team as they battled injuries and roster shakeups. 4.5 points and 3 rebounds per game may not seem like much, but the best ability is availability. Hill averaged 21.3 minutes in 71 games. When the playoffs rolled around, Hill played big minutes against the Philadelphia 76ers and Milwaukee Bucks.

As I've noted before, minutes are going to be tough to come by for Hawks role players this upcoming season. Assuming the team is healthier and Hill's minutes decline, his I.Q. and defensive prowess will still be invaluable to the team. Until then, let the man recharge before another long season. More life for Solomon Hill.

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