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In case you missed it, Trae Young went off last night. The All-Star point guard the Atlanta Hawks to victory over the Brooklyn Nets with 36 points and 10 assists. His game was mesmerizing as always, but there's no way you didn't see what was on his feet (even if they were meant to blend in). Check out the tweet below.

The camo colorway is so fire. Adidas has been in their bag since Young debuted the Adidas Trae Young 1 in the first round of the 2021 NBA Playoffs. We have seen colorways that pay homage to rappers, the city of Atlanta, and most importantly, family.

It's no wonder why Young's first signature sneaker is a best-seller on Adidas's website. Fans flock to Hawks games from all over the country in hopes of getting a glimpse of the 23-year-old point guard or, even better, getting a pair of game-worn shoes.

Time is running out on the Hawks regular season, and nothing is guaranteed in the postseason for any team. So sit back and enjoy greatness. Young is averaging 28.3 points and 9.6 assists. And if you're into sneakers, you would know he's putting together the most important signature sneaker campaign since Michael Jordan. 

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