Two of the more prominent analysts in the basketball world have different opinions on the 21-22 Atlanta Hawks. Sports Illustrated Senior Writer and Author of 'Blood In The Garden: The Flagrant History Of The 1990s New York Knicks', Chris Herring, appeared on the newest episode of Zach Lowe's podcast, 'The Lowe Post.'

When discussing the Hawks, Herring pumped the breaks on so much of the excitement surrounding the young team. He summarized his theory by saying:

"More than anything, I'm kind of banking on the idea that some of the guys that really played well last year (that are young) - that I think everybody is expecting to take another leap forward - I don't think that all of those guys will. I think some of them probably won't. I don't think they will be quite as hot as they were to end last season. So I'm a little bit more pessimistic about them than I think the average person is."

Lowe was of the opposite opinion and gave a more optimistic view of the Hawks. He called the Hawks "legit" and expected them to be a better team, but without advancing as far in the playoffs. The hoops guru went on to make an argument they could finish 3rd in the Eastern Conference. 

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As always, these two personalities were entertaining and thoughtful. Both made logical points in their Hawks debate. The entire episode is worth a listen, and you can check it out by clicking here. We are less than two weeks until the first day of training camp, and this season will certainly not disappoint hoops fans.

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