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The entire Atlanta Hawks organization is a family. That is why everyone shows up when the Director of Business and Basketball Operations gets hitched. Nick Ressler recently got married, which prompted players and celebrities to take time out of their busy schedules to celebrate the event.

Hawks starting center Clint Capela posted a picture from the festivities where he posed next to teammate Trae Young and rapper Quavo. Not only are Capela and Young teammates, but they are close. The two connected on more assist combinations than any other players in the league last season.

As for Quavo, he and Young have been friends since the prodigy point guard was drafted in 2018. But the Migos' frontman was a Hawks fan long before 'Ice Trae' arrived in Atlanta. Quavo is considered the Hawks' biggest celebrity superfan, and the organization regularly celebrates his birthday in April.

It is always enjoyable to see the Hawks players hang out off the court. Their team chemistry is undeniable. Thanks to the long offseason, it seems like they miss each other more than ever. Over the past two weeks, several players have teamed up at Pro-Am exhibition games. Luckily, training camp starts next month. Stay locked into for breaking news, highlights, and analysis.

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