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Nothing in the NBA ever comes easy for Trae Young. He has to fight tooth and nail for everything he's earned in his short career. Last night was the latest example of the undersized point guard having to defend himself. See the tweet below for a video of a heated exchange between Young and an NBA official.

I can't read lips. But according to this tweet, Young said, "You got a problem with me? Watch how he talk to me.” Perhaps we got lucky that Young didn't receive a technical foul. By my count, he's been T'd up 14 times this season (two shy of receiving a one-game suspension).

Keep in mind; that this is far from the first time Young has had beef with an official. In November, there was debate as to who called who a "crybaby." In February, Young was fined a smooth $20,000 for inappropriate language directed toward an official.

After dismantling the Wizards, Young clarified the exchange in his post-game media availability. “I think it was a personal moment there, and it needed to be addressed." See the tweet from Caleb Johnson of 92.9 FM The Game below for the video.

I understand Young's frustration with how his game is officiated. Moreso, how he is talked to by the referees. Despite his free-throw attempts being down (thanks in part to the rule changes), Young's production and efficiency are up and stuck. Another day, another opportunity.

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