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The good news is the MLB lockout has ended, and players are reporting for Spring Training. The bad news is that Atlanta Braves outfield Ronald Acuna Jr. rolled up in a Memphis Grizzlies jersey this morning, specifically a No. 12 Ja Morant jersey. Check out the tweet below.

Not going to lie; that one hurts. The Hawks have been huge supporters of the Braves. Last fall, large groups of players attended multiple postseason games together and often went out of their way to show love to the Braves. Remember when Trae Young wore a Braves jersey in a post-game press conference? If not, see the Tweet below.

I doubt there is anything mean-spirited about Acuna's wardrobe choices. He probably just likes the high-flying point guard. Even Young is a fan of his contemporary. But there has been an online debate raging for the past few weeks comparing Morant and Young. Acuna wearing a Morant jersey doesn't help matters.

The Hawks actually host the Grizzlies Friday night at State Farm Arena. It will be the second time Trae Young and Ja Morant faced off this season. The first time they played, Young scored 31 points in a 132-100 victory in Memphis. Stay locked into Sports Illustrated's for breaking news, highlights, and analysis.

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