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Today is a terribly sad day for the basketball world. NBA legend and Civil Rights activist Bill Russell passed away at 88 years old. Tributes from all over the globe have already begun flooding in. Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young reacted quickly to the news on Twitter.

Young said, "Rest In Peace Legend!" Trying to list all of Russell's accomplishments and contributions to society is nearly impossible. The Boston Celtics legend was just as important off the court throughout his life as he was on the court during the early days of the NBA.

Russell and his generation set the bar high for what is expected from NBA players. Thanks to those pioneers and truth-tellers, it has become far easier for professional athletes to engage in activism and protests.

Of course, no one can compare to Russell. But it is fitting that Young quickly paid his respects. The 23-year-old is among the newest generation of athletes to lead on social issues. The sport and the world are better off because of Russell. Rest in peace to the true GOAT.

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