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It was clear from the beginning of Game One that the Miami Heat wanted to set the tone against the Atlanta Hawks. Their physical defense was followed up with late contact and extra-curricular activities throughout the game.

Yesterday, I likened the aggressive approach to the 'Jordan Rules' developed by the Detroit Pistons of the late 1980s. You can view all of the questionable defensive plays here and judge for yourself. 

Today, Sarah K. Spencer of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution asked Trae Young about the defensive intensity he faced in Game One. See Spencer's tweet below for Young's response.

That's my point guard. The Hawks cannot allow the Heat to bully them, otherwise, this series could be over in a hurry. Luckily, it would be completely uncharacteristic of them to let that happen. It's not the first time, and it will not be the last time that a team tries to bully Young and his teammates.

Tip-off is tonight at 7:30 PM (Eastern) and I will be live-tweeting it as always. Check back here after the game for a post-game recap. Stay locked into Sports Illustrated's for breaking news, highlights, and analysis.

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