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Are The Miami Heat Better With Gabe Vincent At Point Guard Instead of Kyle Lowry?

One NBA exec says the Heat were more effective with Vincent on the court
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When Kyle Lowry was traded to the Miami Heat last summer, the notion was he would make them championship contenders.

Even though the Heat made the playoffs last season, Lowry wasn’t the point guard who played a huge part in it. An NBA exec recently said the Heat were more effective with backup Gabe Vincent in charge during the postseason.

“Go back and watch them in the playoffs last year,” the executive told “I think the dirty little secret there is that they were better with Gabe Vincent on the floor than with Kyle Lowry. Now, to be fair to Lowry, he was not healthy, that was obvious. But on the other side, they were really good with Vincent in there. He did not play lights-out, but he could get the ball to Jimmy [Butler] and get out of the way, then play some defense on the other side. So they’re fine with him as the backup.”

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The executive has a point. In the playoffs, Vincent averaged eight points and three assists in the eight games. Lowry averaged seven points and four assists in 10 games.

Lowry was unhealthy because of a hamstring injury, but Vincent performed well in his absence. Considering he is 10 years younger, Vincent could supplant Lowry in the starting lineup. 

The Heat open training Sept. 26 in the Bahamas. 

Cory Nelson is a contributor to Inside The Heat. He attended Northern Virginia Community College. He can be reached at or follow him on Twitter @CKenzyNelson