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Miami Heat center Bam Adebayo has never dealt with a serious injury. 

Until now. 

After Wednesday's loss to the Clevelander, Adebayo spoke for the first time about his upcoming thumb surgery. He is expected to miss four to six weeks. 

“It was rough," Adebayo said. "This is my first major injury in my NBA career. It’s definitely one of those things where, I didn’t expect that. I would say unexpected.”

Adebayo sustained the injury in Monday's loss to the Denver Nuggets. He learned of the severity Friday morning. 

"I’m not the type of person to put out negative energy, I always think positive," Adebayo said. (Wednesday) was a downer, but for these six weeks. I can’t change nothing about it. That’s my only option.”

Adebayo said he didn't discuss the injury much with teammates. He prefers to allow them to focus on the next few weeks and keeping. 

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They got bigger responsibilities," Adebayo said. "I’m out, so I can’t change that. They still have to play games. They still have to compete. They still have to do their jobs.”

While sidelined, Adebayo said the goal is keeping his teammates upbeat. He also expects to be in the ear of his replacements, mainly KZ Okpala and Ömer Yurtseven.

"It’s a learning process for them," Adebayo said. "Right now, they get thrown in the fire.”

Adebayo remained positive about when he returns. 

"I’m already ready for my six weeks to be over, but it’s a grind. Get back healthy and help my team win some games.” 

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