Miami Heat players Goran Dragic and Jimmy Butler are used to having in-game discussions. 

On Friday, their talks played a role in their ninth victory in 10 games. Entering the fourth quarter, Butler told Dragic he needed to be more aggressive. Dragic scored 20 of his 25 points in the fourth quarter to help the Heat to a 101-90 win against the Chicago Bulls. It was their fifth straight road win. 

“The first half I was passive, I was not aggressive. I was more off the ball,” Dragic said. “Jimmy told me at one point, ‘Hey G, we need you to be more aggressive and to be more involved. When he went out, on the bench, I did it.”

After Butler carried the Heat through three quarters, he turned it over to Dragic. He shot 7 of 10 from the field, making three 3-pointers, in the final quarter. 

“I was just more aggressive, more involved,” Dragic said. “I was kind of mad at myself at halftime and just came out more aggressive.”

Butler finished with a team-high 28 points while forward Duncan Robinson added 15 points. Butler said the key was Dragic stepping up.  

“I love it,” Butler said. “Any time one of our guys is making shots, feed him the ball, every single time.”

The Heat return to action Sunday when they play at the Orlando Magic. 

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