Dwyane Wade Weighs in on LeBron-Jordan Debate

Shandel Richardson

When LeBron James won his fourth NBA championship, it sparked the usual debate.

Has James surpassed Michael Jordan as the best player in league history? It's something that may never be decided, but Heat legend Dwyane Wade offered perhaps the best solution.

Just celebrate them both.

Wade weighed in on the subject earlier this week during an appearance on ESPN's First Take.

"Enjoy whatever left we have of LeBron James, because yes, we are going to see great players come from many years, but we're never going to see another LeBron James," Wade said. "When we talk about the GOAT conversations, it does not matter who is the GOAT. He's one of one."

Like most, Wade idolized Jordan while growing up in Chicago. He's also gained an appreciation for James as a peer and teammate. James and Wade led the Heat to two championships in four Finals appearances from 2010-14. While fans and analysts use championships and statistics to make a case for both, Wade prefers to enjoy the impact has made on the game instead of constantly comparing them.

"We will never see another (James), we will never see another Jordan, we will never see another Kareem, and so forth and so on," he continued. "No one will ever win 11 championships like Bill Russell. ....Well, I don't think, maybe one day somebody will get 12."

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