Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler Quickly Recovers From 10-Game Absence

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler scores 30 points in 105-104 victory against the Sacramento Kings after returning from COVID-10
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For the past 10 games, the Miami Heat were without their top player. 

On Saturday, Jimmy Butler reintroduced himself. Butler scored 30 points to lead the Heat to a 105-104 victory against the Sacramento Kings. It was Butler's first action since missing 10 games because of COVID-19. 

“I just want to compete," Butler said. "That’s it. I want to be with my guys. We’re in this thing together. I realize, I think I’m a decent player and I give us maybe a little bit better of a chance to win. I respect them for how hard they play and how they never give up. I’m just glad that I can be back. I’m glad that I can help and be around my dudes.”

The victory also snapped a five-game for the Heat. Despite the strong performance, Butler said he is still working his way back into playing shape. 

“I can play the game," Butler said. "I like to think I play the game the right way. My teammates, coaches and the organization really believe in me to go out there and make stuff happen. I’ve been working the last couple of days trying to get a rhythm, get this wind back and be able to play a bit more. I’ll be ready to go.” 

The Heat are just thrilled about having Butler back in the lineup. 

“The Heat is back on,” guard Tyler Herro said. “It’s just a steppingstone, just one box that we checked, finally got a win. It was great to have our leader back out there.”

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