When former Miami Heat assistant left to take the job at the University of Michigan, he said the goal was bring success to his alma mater. 

Howard proved that Thursday after the Wolverines' 69-50 victory against rival Michigan State clinched the Big Ten regular season title. 

It means a lot, it really does," Howard said. "It’s gratifying to go out here during what we all have dealt with during this pandemic, very challenging times. But we didn’t make excuses, we rolled up our sleeves, figured it out along the way. A lot of things didn’t go our way, but we didn’t make excuses for it. We continued to keep grinding and grinding."

After playing for the Heat from 2010-13 and winning two championships, Howard joined the coaching staff for seven seasons. He left for Michigan in 2019 and has made an immediate impact at the college level. 

"Some would say, and I agree, this is the toughest conference in college basketball night in, night out," Howard said. "We’re always going to get every team’s best, just like they’ll get our best. We were fortunate enough to win a Big Ten championship in the regular season. It’s hard doing that, it’s so hard. And I remember as a player, it was very hard for us. So to do it this year, it’s a beautiful moment. We’re going to really enjoy it today, enjoy it tomorrow, then we’re gonna come in here on Saturday and get ready for practice to play Michigan State on Sunday."

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