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New Kyle Lowry Commercial To Debut Monday Night

Lowry makes another commercial for Bitbuy

Miami Heat guard Kyle Lowry has been involved in various trade rumors since the season ended after losing to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals. 

He also drew some criticism for when he was traded to the Heat from the Toronto Raptors last offseason. Lowry recently did a commercial for the Canadian cryptocurrency, Bitbuy. 

That ad is called, "Kyle Lowry Traitor." 

It begins with Canadians referring to Lowry as a trader via the exchange.

"That's great but we have a problem," Lowry said. 

Lowry is then alerted they are saying trader, not traitor.  

"They're saying trader, not traitor," Lowry is told. "You're trending as one of Canada's top crypto traders thanks to BitBuy." 

Lowry then says, "That was a great trade by me." 

The commercial was a play on Lowry leaving the Raptors as one of the most beloved players in franchise history. He's also been involved in several trade rumors after nearly helping the Heat to an appearance in the NBA Finals. 

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After struggling during the postseason, Lowry is considered valuable trade bait for the Heat. 


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