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While everyone has raved about the play of Tyler Herro off the bench, Jimmy Butler's leadership and Bam Adebayo's improvement, the most important key in the Miami Heat's early-season success just may be the acquisition of guard Kyle Lowry. 

What Lowry has brought to the team can't be overlooked. He is averaging 10.7 points, 7.5 rebounds and 4.2 rebounds in the Heat's 6-1 start. They play the Boston Celtics Thursday at FTX Arena. 

Here's what two veteran NBA scouts had to say about Lowry's impact. Both spoke on the condition anonymity.

One Western Conference scout said, "Leadership from a point guard is invaluable. He has a chip behind him to back up his leadership. He's vocal on and off the floor. Tremendous mentor to the young core and you can see it on every play offensively and defensively. He's always wanted to be a Heat because of the culture and it shows. Spo hasn't given him the freedom. Spo saw what he's brings to the table and he runs the offense and his late game decision have been the difference maker so far."

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One Eastern Conference scout said, "He gives them a real point guard that makes everyone around him confident, and holds them accountable for playing. He isn't scared to make a mistake and isn't scared of the big stage. He is the coach and the leader of the team, and understands his team doesn't need for him to score just run the team and have fun and play extremely HARD!"

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