Miami Heat Hoping Lineup Shakeup Can Provide a Spark

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra replaced Tyler Herro with Goran Dragic in the starting lineup Friday against the Washington Wizards.
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After losing seven of nine games, Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra felt it was time for a change. 

Spoelstra inserted veteran Goran Dragic in the starting lineup in place of Tyler Herro in Friday's victory against the Washington Wizards. Dragic finished with nine points and four assists while Herro had 17 points off the bench. 

“It is not an indictment on anyone," Spoelstra said. "We are just trying to stabilize this as much as we can. [Herro] is going to play starters’ minutes regardless. He just has to manage whatever the narratives are out there. His defense was good and offensively we need his skillset.”

Dragic said he is comfortable as a reserve or starter. 

 "We shared the ball," Dragic said. "We trust each other. Everybody got involved and played well on defense. I am just happy that we finally showed one of those games that are our strengths. We just need to continue to work hard and try to play like that every game.”

While Spoelstra refused to say the move was permanent, the team liked the idea of shaking things up during the recent skid. 

“I’m pretty comfortable," Butler said. "I think we all are with any lineup we put out there. I like hooping with Goran, I do. Same with Tyler though. As long as we win, you can say it was this, you can say it was that. All in all, we just have to figure out a way to keep winning.”

The Heat return to action Sunday against the New York Knicks at 1 pm.